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    Grilled Chicken Harami (Outside Skirt) 500g
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    Akita Komachi Rice 5kg
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    “KURATA FOODS” Menzo Ramen (Frozen) / “SHIMADAYA” Nama Ramen (Frozen)
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    “OHMINE SHUZO” Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai
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    “IA FOODS” Konjac Jelly
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    “SHIMADAYA” 3shoku Yakisoba
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    Soy Milk Cream Daifuku / Cream Daifuku / Japanese Style Daifuku / Warabi Mochi / Dango
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    “KAGOSHIMA KUMIAI SHOKUHIN” Beni Haruka (2 Pieces) 500g
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    Take-out Food Containers
“NISHIKIYA KITCHEN” Curry / Soup/ Rice Porridge
NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Curry with Pork Belly and Vegetables 270g

A large 270g serving size, 1.5 times the normal Nishikiya Kitchen Curry. This curry is made with gochujang (red chili paste) as a secret flavour to make it a rich curry that makes the rice go faster. The ingredients – potatoes, carrots and pork ribs – make it an outstandingly satisfying dish!

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Lemon Cream Chicken Curry 180g

Chicken curry with the fresh flavour of lemon and the mildness of fresh cream.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Curry with Pork Stew 180g

Tender, chunky Japanese pork belly simmered in a richly flavoured soy-sauce-based sweet and spicy curry.


Rich corn taste that fills the mouth. The sweetness of the ingredients themselves is refined and pleasant to the palate. Enjoy the delicious taste of corn in this luxurious potage.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Fukaura Snow Carrot Potage 160g

Fruity sweetness nurtured by the frigid nature. This potage makes the most of the sweetness of Fukuura Snow Carrots and allows you to taste the deliciousness of the ingredients.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Burdock Potage 160g

The rich flavour and aroma of domestic burdock root itself. An unusual potage using burdock root, which allows you to taste the flavour of the ingredients straight away.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Pumpkin Chowder 180g

Rich sweetness of pumpkin and texture of beans. This soup with a rich flavour is made to be eaten rather than sipped. Fresh cream gives it a mild taste.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Ginger Soup with Pork Belly and Radish 180g

Ginger is stir-fried in sesame oil to bring out the flavour, then slowly simmered with pork and radish in chicken broth. The flavourful broth is appetising.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Yuzu-scented Vegetable Soup 180g

Full of diced vegetables. The soup is infused with the flavour of bonito flakes and kelp and flavoured with Japanese yuzu citron.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Soy Milk Corn Soup 160g

Free of the seven major allergens (*). Born from the request of a mother caring for a child with food allergies. *7 major allergens: egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, shrimp, crab and peanut.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Hitomebore White Porridge 180g

This porridge allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of rice grown using the “Aigamo Agricultural Method”, which does not use pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Domestic Adzuki Brown Rice Porridge 180g

Porridge with the natural taste of brown rice grown with care from the soil, with adzuki beans added and seasoned with just the right amount of salt.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Katsuo Dashi Porridge 180g

Elegant porridge cooked in bonito and kelp dashi soup stock, with a refined taste similar to that of high-class Japanese restaurants.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Brown Rice and Ten-grain Sweet Potato Porridge 180g

Japanese brown rice, ten minor grains and sweet potatoes are cooked in a gently-sweet sweet potato paste to create a satisfying porridge.
Ten minor grains: glutinous millet, pressed barley, black rice, sesame (white and black sesame), amaranth, pigeon peas, quinoa, glutinous millet, corn, germinated red rice.

NISHIKIYA KITCHEN Brown Rice and Glutinous Barley Tomato Porridge 180g

Japanese brown rice, glutinous barley, lotus root and two types of beans are cooked together in a Japanese tomato puree with a good balance of flavour and acidity to create a satisfying porridge.

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