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    “SHIMADAYA” 3shoku Yakisoba
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    “NAKAO SHUZO” Seikyo Junmai Sparkling 300ml/700ml
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    “OTAFUKU SAUCE” Katsu Meshi no Tare, Umakuchi Shio Dare, Volga Rice Sauce, Hiyashi Chuka Dashi, Union Gyomu Yo Chuno Sauce
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    “YAOKIN” Umai Sugar Rusk / Umai Wa (Mentai, Cheese, Yasai Sarada) / Umaibo
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    “TABLEMARK” Frozen Sliced White Bread 6pcs / 8pcs
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    “TATENOKAWA” Junmai Daiginjo Sake
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    “HAMADA SHUZO” Japanese Craft Gin JUJU 700ml
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    “KAGOSHIMA KUMIAI SHOKUHIN” Beni Haruka (2 Pieces) 500g
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    “NIPPN” Kotobuki 25kg
“KURATA FOODS” Menzo Ramen (Frozen) / “SHIMADAYA” Nama Ramen (Frozen)
KURATA FOODS Menzo Onomichi Ramen

The noodles are flat noodles unique to Onomichi. The soup is richly flavored with chicken and pork, with hidden taste of fish broth. Strong presence of Marukin soy sauce. Tiny fats swimming in the surface increase the umami factor.


KURATA FOODS Menzo Hiroshima Ramen

The noodles are the familiar thin, round noodles. The soup is a traditional tonkotsu-soy sauce flavor.


KURATA FOODS Menzo Miso Ramen

This is a richly flavored tonkotsu miso ramen made with a blend of Hiroshima Masuya’s white miso and rice miso, and Hiroshima oyster extract.


KURATA FOODS Menzo Setouchi Shio Ramen

The soup is slightly cloudy with pork bones, chicken bones, and vegetables; the taste of clams and dried sardines adds more umami. It uses “Genuine Seto salt” made of seawater from the Seto Inland Sea.


KURATA FOODS Menzo Hakata Ramen

The noodles are very thin and unique to Hakata. The soup is a thick, white soup with a strong flavor made from pork bones that have been slowly simmered for a long time to make it cloudy.


SHIMADAYA Shoyu Nama Ramen

This is a three-meal set of soy sauce ramen noodles with firm, aged, curly noodles and a rich chicken and pork broth. The accompanying spices are the key to the flavor.


SHIMADAYA Miso Nama Ramen

This Miso Ramen is a three-meal set that includes firm, aged curly noodles and a soup blended with three types of miso, adding the richness of pork and savory vegetables.

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