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Sakoshi Bay Oysters from Ako

Oysters are a delicacy enjoyed the world over, and are often referred to as “sea milk” due to their high nutritional values – proteins such glycogen and amino acids, and minerals such as calcium and zinc. Japan is fortunate to be home to numerous oyster varieties, which have been consumed in Japan since the Jomon period (ca. 10,500 – ca. 300 B.C.).

Sakoshi oysters, raised with great care by the fishermen in Sakoshi Bay, where good-quality plankton flow in from the rich “Ikushima Forest”, designated by the Government as a natural monument, and Chigusagawa River, which the water has been selected as one of the 100 finest mineral waters of Japan, are succulent and rich in taste. The flesh of the Sakoshi oysters is thick and fleshy and is silky smooth with a wonderfully creamy texture.

These are great oysters you shouldn’t miss.

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