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“HANANONMAI” Abysse Sparkling Sake 720ml
Abyss Sparkling Concept

‘Changing the concept of sparkling sake’
Although sparkling sake has existed in the world up to now, nothing has ever gone beyond the existing concept.
Abyss is different from conventional sake, and the ‘bubbles’ from secondary fermentation in the bottle make it unique.
We hope that you will enjoy this newly created sake at the best possible moment for you.

Abyss Sparkling Specifications

Specifications: sparkling sake, 12% alcohol by volume, gas volume 3 GV.
*3GV is the same as for ordinary sparkling wine with secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Recommended drinking temperature range 8-12°C

Characteristics of Abyss Sparkling

Abyss Sparkling has a perfect balance of fizziness and flavour.
You can enjoy the refreshing stimulation of the beautiful bubbles and the citrusy, fruity taste of Abyss.


The colour of the sake itself is clear at first, but in the second half, the lees in the bottle begins to mix with the sake, turning it a light, beautiful snow-white.


Aromas of ripe grapefruit and sweet, savoury notes reminiscent of baked goods from the secondary fermentation in the bottle.


As with Abyss, the taste changes with the temperature at which the sake is served.
When chilled below 10°C, the sweetness is subdued and the lively acidity greets you, with a bitter, astringent taste reminiscent of fresh grapefruit in the second half.
When it is 10°C or higher, the sweet umami of the rice is the main flavour, with a crisp acidity, and in the second half there is a bitter and astringent taste with a sweetness reminiscent of ripe grapefruit. The lingering taste of juicy rice-derived umami gives a sense of satisfaction.
Common characteristics that can be felt at all temperatures.
When you put it in your mouth, you feel fine bubbles and the bubbles that pop are very pleasant.

Recommended pairings

Lightly toasted baguette topped with vegetables or meat.
The acidity of the wine enhances the sweetness of the vegetables and the flavour of the meat, and the aroma enhances the flavour of the dish.

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