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    “TAKEWA SUISAN” Shime Saba (from Norway) for Raw Consumption
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    “NIPPN” Rice Flour Takasago 115
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    “OHMINE SHUZO” Ohmine Cup 100ml (Junmai)
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    “MARUYAMA SUISAN” Mini Kanikama (Retort Imitation Crab) 45g
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    “OTAFUKU SAUCE” Omakase Miso no Tare 2.17KG
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    “TSURYUYA SEIKA” Matcha Pudding / Hojicha Pudding
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    Red King Crab / Tarabagani
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    Charcoal Grilled Chicken 100g / Charcoal Grilled Chicken With Yuzu Pepper Flavor 100g
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    “HOKOEN” Interior Liqueurs with Edible Flowers
“SEIKA FOODS” Candy / Mochi / Caramel
Seika Foods Bontan Ame 10 pcs

Bontan are the largest and most fragrant of all oranges, which are harvested by the sun from the clear tropical skies. This product has been produced to make the most of its fragrant flavour.

Seika Foods Hyoroku Mochi (Rice Candy) 10 pcs

The soft, glutinous and resilient texture and the flavour of white bean paste, soybean flour, dried laver powder and matcha green tea are exquisite. This is a creative confectionery associated with the Oishi Hyoroku Yume Monogatari (The Dream Tales of Hyoroku Oishi) from the Satsuma region.

Seika Foods Shoga Ame 10 pcs

Soft and spicy candy made from grated ginger from Kagoshima Prefecture, with no flavouring or colouring.

Seika Foods Pineapple Ame 10 pcs

Golden pineapple juice with a refreshing flavour and juicy sweetness is used to create a soft candy with the same sticky texture as Bontan candy.

Seika Foods Kinako Mochi (Soybean Flour Rice Cake) 120g

The fragrant kinako (soybean flour) flavour and the gentle sweetness of rich unrefined sugar are addictive. The rice cakes are wrapped in a twist-wrapping film with an obi-late so that they can be eaten straight from the packet without soiling your hands.

Seika Foods Yomogi Mochi (Mugwort Rice Cake) 120g

The more you chew, the more the flavour of mugwort and its moderate sweetness fills your mouth. The rice cake inside the twist-wrapping film is wrapped in oblong wrapping, so you can eat it as it is without getting your hands dirty.

Seika Shokuhin Choco Mochi 35g

A combination of popular chocolate-flavoured confectionery and glutinous rice cake.

Seika Foods Mont Blanc Caramel 38g

Seasonal milk caramel with the flavour of chestnuts and a creamy taste.

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