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“SAIKYO MISO” Saikyo Shiromiso [Bessen] 500g
Saikyo Shiromiso [Bessen] 500 g

Saikyo Miso was born in Kyoto, the center of politics, economics and culture for more than 1,000 years, and is a Kyoto-style miso nurtured in the elegant culture of the imperial court. Saikyo Miso, with its strong sweetness and white color, is used in the New Year and other court ceremonies, and has become an indispensable seasoning for Kyoto cuisine, which is a combination of yushoku ryori (​aristocrat’s dishes), chakaiseki ((refined style of cooking originating in the art of tea ceremony), and Zen Buddhist vegetarian cuisine.

This is a popular product with the same old design. It is one of Saikyo Miso’s most reasonably priced products with a refreshing sweetness. The natural sweetness and low salt content (less than 5%) enhance the taste of the ingredients.


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