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    “HANANONMAI” Abysse Sparkling Sake 720ml
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    Nito Junmai Daiginjo Omachi 48 / Nito Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan 55
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    “KUMANO COSMETICS” Horse Oil Series Shampoo / Conditioner / Body Wash / Cleansing Oil / Hand Cream / Facial Cleansing Foam
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    “OTAFUKU SAUCE” Katsu Meshi no Tare, Umakuchi Shio Dare, Volga Rice Sauce, Hiyashi Chuka Dashi, Union Gyomu Yo Chuno Sauce
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    “SEIKA FOODS” Candy / Mochi / Caramel
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    “NARA TOYOSAWA SHUZO” Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Tokubestsu Junmai, Umeshu, Yuzushu
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    DASSAI 45 / DASSAI 39 / DASSAI 23 / DASSAI Beyond / DASSAI Sparkling 45 / DASSAI Umeshu 23
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    “HOKOEN” Interior Liqueurs with Edible Flowers
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    “OTAFUKU SAUCE” Nanban Ankake Sauce and Yakisoba Sauce with English Label
“MARUSAN-AI” Miso Products
Kokusan Genryo 100% Mutenka Awase Miso 1kg

The miso paste uses all local ingredients from Japan, including soybeans, rice and salt.
This awase (blended) miso is a refreshing blend of 100% domestically produced koji miso and 100% domestically made light-colored rice miso.


Junsei Koji Miso 750g

Authentic rice miso made with a granular type developed by Marusan. Miso with the fresh, simple flavor of rice koji.


Mugi Miso 1kg

Mugi miso is made from barley and soybeans, and it usually has a longer fermentation process than most white miso. This sweet barley miso is made from dehulled soybeans and barley koji; it has a bright white color and a mellow scent.


Kokusan Genen Mutenka Nama Miso 650g

This is Shinshu miso, which is made with 100% koji, uses only domestic ingredients, and was prepared by Tamai Miso, a brewery in Chikuhoku Village in Nagano, which is rich in nature. Compared to the standard miso, it has 25% less salt.

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