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    “NAKAO SHUZO” Seikyo Junmai Sparkling 300ml/700ml
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    Toyama Koshihikari Rice 5kg, 1kg
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    “YUCHO SHUZO” ALPHA Kaze no Mori TYPE 3 (Junmai Daiginjo Unfiltered and No Added Water)
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    “AJIKAN” Seafood Leg Sticks (Imitation Crab Meat)
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    “S&B” Torokeru Curry 1kg (for commercial use)
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    “ANDEICO” Ice Cream
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    “YOKOI JOZO” Kinsho, Beiju, Kohaku, Suisen, Edo Tannen Su, Maroyaka Ponzu
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    “SANYO” Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Packs and Otafuku Okonomi Yakisoba
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    “HANANONMAI” Abysse Sparkling Sake 720ml
Diced Beef Steak

This bite-sized dice steak is made from thinly sliced beef and compression-molded for a softer texture.
Thanks to technical innovations, this product has a much higher binding strength than conventional molded meat.
It also improves oil spillage and shrinkage during cooking.
Due to the increased binding strength, the logs can now be thawed and sliced thin for shabu-shabu with a slicer.
The raw material is 100% beef, and we aimed to achieve the original texture of beef, focusing on the manufacturing method and seasoning to make it juicy even when cold.

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