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    “DAISHO” Curry Nabe Soups / Shabu Shabu Soups
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    “S&B” Torokeru Curry 1kg (for commercial use)
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    Japanese Black Cattle Beef “Kagoshima Black Beef”
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    “YUCHO SHUZO” ALPHA Kaze no Mori TYPE 3 (Junmai Daiginjo Unfiltered and No Added Water)
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    “DAISHO” Yasai wo Ippai Taberu Nabe (Hot Pot) Soups for Vegetable Ingredients
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    “MARUKOME” Freeze-dried Granulated Instant Miso Soup
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    “MORITA” Liqueur Made With Grapes and Daiginjo Sake
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    “FUKUYAMA SHUZO” Tomoe Hokkaido Hotate Dashi 1L
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    “AJI NO CHINUYA” Croquettes
“NAMISATO” Rice Flour Pancake Mix / Brown Rice Pancake Mix / Rice Flour Mix Flour
Sugar-Free Rice Flour Pancake Mix 200g

A gluten-free (wheat-free), sugar-free, and flavoring-free pancake mix that uses domestic rice flour and soybean flour. One pancake can contain up to 10 billion lactobacilli. It is not sweet, so it can be used for making snacks and various meals.


Brown Rice Pancake Mix 200g

Brown rice pancake mix made with domestically grown rice. Gluten free. Sugar free. Contains plenty of dietary fiber. The soy flour used in the mix reduces the sugar content by 30% compared to conventional products.


Rice Flour Mix Flour for Bread 500g

Gluten-free rice flour bread can be made at home with this mix. You can easily bake wheat-free rice flour bread in your home bakery.
※It is not suitable for hand-kneaded dough.


Rice Flour Mix Flour 500g for Confectionery Cooking

This is a rice flour mix that can be used for baking and cooking. It can be used for wheat-free cooking and baking. Aluminum-free leavening agent is used.

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